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DofE Newsletter

“What an exciting year it has been to be the DofE Award coordinator, mentoring our DofE participants in discovering their true potential and leading the first batch of DofE Gold participants. Despite the current pandemic that the world is facing, we have found the silver lining to move forward and live in the new normal. From adapting to virtual fitness challenges to virtual training and hybrid exploration, it was remarkable to witness our students' resilience.

Not to mention the fact that this year's first-ever newsletter was thoroughly planned, virtually, by our Silver DofE students led by Iffah, Aisyah and Kieran to showcase our DofE students' talents and achievements. Undoubtedly with their commitment, collaboration, and determination, they're able to achieve their goal.

As the DofE award coordinator, I am immensely proud of what our students have achieved during these challenging times. For their hard work, pushing boundaries, and their engagement in making a difference in the community, and most especially for being responsible global citizens and world-ready.”

Ashley David

DoFE Coordinator

Please Click on the following link to read our DofE Student Newsletter.

DofE Student Newsletter 21-22 reduced
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