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CIL Curriculum Development

Curriculum Development

At the Centre, our individualised curriculum is linked to the 4 Core Areas of Development from the UK 2015 SEN Code of Practice. As a new provision we are continually adding new and exciting activities and this term we have introduced gardening and ICT.


Our students have enjoyed working together to create the Centre’s own vegetable patch and sensory garden. The children have prepared the soil beds, planted seeds and replanted seedlings for carrots, beetroot, tomatoes and melons. They have been building their hand strength and motor skills through the use of trowels and rakes, while taking on daily responsibility for watering. We look forward to using some of the produce grown in our food preparation activities later in the year.


Sunshine Class have been learning about the different parts of a desktop computer and developing their mouse control skills through a range of games. We will be introducing a typing skills program for children who are ready for this next step. We are also using ICT to engage pupils in interactive social stories for social communication routines, to promote generalisation of sentence building skills already mastered in Colourful Semantics, for following recipes in food preparation and for next step application of Touch Point maths knowledge.

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