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Centre for Inclusive Learning (CIL)

We have had a busy term at the Centre. It has been so exciting to be back!

We have welcomed 4 new friends this term and had lots of fun learning through play and other practical activities. At the Centre, our curriculum is skills-based to support our pupils in their unique learning journey.

The children have enjoyed using the many new resources at the Centre to help regulate their sensory systems and promote their physical development. New resources include an indoor climbing wall, outside climbing frames and sensory circuit equipment. A child who feels regulated and secure in their learning environment is much more available to participate in school activities with attention and confidence.

Both Raindrops and Sunshine Classes participate in food preparation activities twice a week. Recent delicious dishes have included sweet potato bites, Hawaiian pizza, banana muffins and chocolate chip cookies. Food preparation is just a small part of our life skills curriculum through which we promote curiosity, sensory exploration, shared attention, language, communication, interaction and wellbeing.

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