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ISB Executive Principal - Tony Macfadyen

Dear ISB’er,


Well, here we are: the end of the 2021-2022 academic year already!


Term 1 and 2 were frustrating in nature given the Covid interruptions, but boy have we made up for it in term 3!  It has been an action-packed term with so much going on.  Term 3 has felt like our old self again and that has been splendid.


Our students have worked really well in the classrooms, sensory room, art and drama studios, D and T rooms, science labs, music rooms and the sports hall amongst other places!   There has been a lovely working noise to the school as our students, young and old, have gone round their respective campus.  I think we all appreciate what we have here a little bit more now.   


Our teachers have delighted in having students back and everyone has made the most of the opportunities available.  It has been fabulous to have our extracurricular programme up and running again in Term 3.


ISB students have taken part in a myriad of events and activities as this Explore ISB Issue shows.  There have been so many highlights over the last three months - I challenge you to go through this issue and pick your top 3!


A huge and sincere thank you to everyone for their contribution to ISB not only this term but across this strange and challenging year which is now behind us.  ISB can look forward to a great academic year 2022-2023 where we will try to make things bigger and better than ever. 


To all our staff and families that are moving on – we wish you the very best and keep us close.


Happy holidays one and all, and stay safe always.

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With best wishes,
Tony Macfadyen

Executive Principal

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